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Client Testimonials

My Family Clinic
"I would highly recommend Dr Emilia Ivan.
Her abilities allow her to work with patients of all ages. I was really pleased after I had the appointment with her. She has good work ethics and exemplary skills."

Elena Irimia Zguri

"I booked an appointment to do earrings for my baby, I didn’t have to  go to the clinic. Dr.Emilia Ivan came to my house. She is the best!! She did a perfect job!"

Marietta Heil

"Dr. Emilia has pierced my 18 months daughter's ears. I must say she is so humble and nice to us as well as to the baby . She deal us so politely and told us every detail about what we are going to deal with. I was really scared about the process but she is so professional and did her work so perfectly. I really appreciate the lady. It's really nice to have her for my daughter's ear piercing .
10/10. I really appreciated it."

Maria Kashif

"A beautiful experience visiting quality specialists and with great pleasure we left a consultation with the pediatrician, but we were even happier because we put earrings on our little girl. Emilia Ivan is a great professional doctor, She has a lot of patience and is very hygienic with everything she does.  Already 3 weeks since the new earrings, and no problems at all. Thank you very much for your advice and guidance.  We wish you continued success."

Melnic Cristina Krestinka

"Got my 1 year olds ear pierced today. Was very impressed, the clean and sterile environment, explained step by step what was going to happen, was quick and over with and very patient with babies. Would def recommend."

Georgia May

"Emilia helped to diagnose tongue tie in my newborn son, and gave me the confidence to  remain positive about our breastfeeding journey. She provided expert support and reassurance - I would recommend her to all new mothers."

Camille Wilson

"Dr. Emilia came to my house, which was really helpful, so we didn't need to worry about driving as I was a new mum and was terrified of leaving my house with a new baby. She stayed with me and baby for around 2 hours, doing some observations and helping us with everything. She then advised me on things to do to improve my milk supply, prescribed some homeopathic  remedies for me and the baby (as the baby had reflux), advised us to do an intolerance test, helped with latching and etc. She was always in touch with me by email or messenger, to follow up. An extremely qualified and kind person.
I'd definitely recommend it!"

Vanessa Nessner

"Took my daughter last week for ear piercing. Dr Emilia was very professional and gentle & the clinic was very clean and fully equipped. I highly recommend Dr Emilia’s clinic!"

Omar Mehana

"Took my daughter for her ear piercing. Dr. Emilia was so gentle and so professional, I would highly recommend the clinic. I ended up getting my ears pierced, she did an amazing job!"

Liz Gachoka

"Took my granddaughter for her ear piercing today, the doctor was lovely, patient and the clinic was spotless! Would highly recommend it!"

Carol Rose

"Dr. Emilia pierced my 6 weeks old daughter. She was very professional and  she being so patience with my baby and handling her very nicely.Thank you for quick and painless job."

Áron Es Tünde Biró

"Dr. Emilia Ivan is a great professional doctor. She pierced my 5months daughter. She has a lot of patience and she was very friendly. She explained the procedure from the start and everything was open and disinfected in front of us. I recommend her with confidence."

Stefania Andrei

"Dr Emilia Ivan pierced my 3 months old baby’s ears and I was so impressed with her services and patience. The procedure and the after care was explained to us before the piercing and she was very patient and kind with our baby. It couldn’t have been better. 100% recommend."

Irina Adeniyi

"Dr. Emilia Ivan examined my 3 months daughter a few months ago.  She is a professional and took time to listen to my concerns. She has an unique and holistic approach. She provided me with solutions and with a homeopathic treatment for my baby. I would recommend dr. Emilia Ivan to anyone who wants a natural way of healing their bodies and minds."

Monica-Ramona Fartade

"Dr Emilia pierced my 6 weeks old baby girl’s ears. She was gentle, caring and professional. The procedure was quick and painless. The after care procedure was well explained and documented. The package came with a beautiful stud.It was worth every penny- the best. I definitely recommend."

Camille Christie

"Dr. Emilia Ivan pierced my one month old baby and I was very impressed with the services. I recommended."

Diana Streza

"If you want a healthy life and change of circumstances in the GOOD direction, book an appointment and you will discover amazing  things about  yourself. Is not a 10-15 min appointment how we are used is 2-4 hours, is exact how the medicine tells all trained staff to do INTERVIEW, all Dr in these days forgot these first steps. So don't wait for the last moment ,as soon you discover yourself the treatment will change your life but you have to believe and respect the instructions and you will be amazed. For my son Dr Emilia Ivan changed his life and his future, is just 8yers old and he understands what healthy food is and how good you feel in yourself. It wasn’t easy, it took time but the results are visible. 
Thank you Dr Emilia."

Cristina Grecu