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Fertility Homeopathy

Are you facing difficulty getting pregnant?

Don’t delay it any longer! We can help and are happy to meet you.

Homeopathy medicine treats your infertility and helps you to get pregnant naturally.


Fertility Homeopathy

Often, couples take a long time to acknowledge infertility and even when they’re ready to face the problem, they grapple with the dilemma of what treatment is best suited.

Make an informed decision for your health before you take any step to conceive artificially.

Are you in such a situation, where you are unable to have a child and unable to decide which remedy to go in for?

Your family physician might not know the real power of Homeopathy, so you will never be referred to a Homeopath at right time.

Well, homeopathic medicines offer huge hope and a clear advantage over conventional treatments.

Homeopathic remedies for this condition are safe, successful and shorn of any side-effects. Since homeopathic medicines use the body’s own defences to counter the infertile condition, compared to conventional treatments, this treatment is comparatively safer and non-intrusive. Its main advantage is that homeopathic medicines are drawn from natural substances, which makes them toxin-free.

Why homeopthic treatment for infertility?

Fertility homeopathy treats the person and not the disease. The causes of infertility are many but many couples do not know of important factors that can actually lower their fertility.

Homeopathic medicine is very effective in treating infertility because it addresses all these factors.

It is totally safe on the health of the prospective mother and the child;

Undo the effects of the oral contraceptive pill;

It gently stimulates and regularises the normal working of the reproductive organs of males and females;

It doesn’t hyper stimulate the ovaries, but stimulate just enough to release one healthy egg at one time, it improves the internal lining of uterus and also regularizes the hormones required for conceiving without the need of external, artificial hormones;

There are no known complications for the last 200 years after Homeopathy has helped conceiving after the infertility treatment;

Once Homeopathy helps to conceive, for the next planned pregnancy, usually no further treatment will be required;

Homeopathy treatment can cure illnesses like PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids etc. that usually are the main causes of infertility in females;

In males, the most common problems with sperm count, motility and morphology can be rectified and cured permanently;

Even if there are structural changes and IVF is the only option, with pre-IVF homeopathic treatment, the chances of successful IVF triples for majority of couples;

Lastly there is increased energy level, improved sleep patterns, health and vitality.It may sometime take more than 6 months under the treatment.

Why us?

Specialist Homeopaths in Infertility treatment are not easily to find out.

How Does Fertility Homeopathy Work?

In men fertility homeopathy supports the body in healthy production of sperm supporting the male reproductive organs, increasing sexual stamina and restore hormonal balance.

In women, the main focus of using homeopathic medicine to increase fertility is to support the body in producing healthy eggs during ovulation, increasing the quality and quantity of fertile mucus, and preparing a healthy uterine lining for implantation.

Another important aspect of achieving conception is learning your fertility signs. When homeopathic medicine is paired to fertility education your chances of conception increase greatly.

Fertility homeopathy should also be associated with a healthy diet and life style.

Treatment Pricing

Initial Consultation:
£300.00 per couple

Follow-Up Consultations:
£120.00 per person
At the Practice:
£150.00 per person
Home Visits:
£150.00* per person

Booking Information

Appointments last approx
90-120 minutes

For same-day appointments please email

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