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Pre-Conception Nutrition

So you’re thinking about becoming pregnant! This is one of the most important and wonderful decisions you could male.

But before you begin, keep in mind there are steps you can take before you become pregnant to help give your baby a healthy start through out preconception nutrition services.


Pre-Conception Nutrition

Preconception nutrition research has shown that food and healthy nutrition are tied to fertility health in both women and men.  Additionally, there are substances that can hinder fertility.

Knowing that the first few weeks of pregnancy are the most vital to the development of the baby, a mother should be healthy and avoid any harmful substances near the time of conception. Some habits are harder to break, and some health issues take longer to address.

A balanced nutritional intake is the best way to receive the necessary nutrients, but vitamin supplements can also be beneficial. Prenatal vitamin supplements are recommended plus any additional vitamins or minerals if we find any deficiencies.

Remember, supplements do not replace a healthy diet, but rather ensure that a woman is receiving enough daily nutrients.

It is important to note that pregnant women should take vitamin supplements only with a health care provider’s direct recommendation.

Pre–Conception Nutrition Preparation:

  • Begin making healthy changes 3 months to a year before you conceive;
  • Before you become pregnant you want to make sure that you cut out any habits that are harmful for your baby;
  • There are medical conditions that you may not be aware of that can affect your pregnancy; Clinical conditions should be treated before pregnancy;
  • It is important to lose weight. If you’re overweight or obese during pregnancy, you’re more likely to have complications for you and your baby and also obesity can affect a certain kind of fertility treatment called in vitro fertilization (also called IVF). Don’t forget about problems with breastfeeding.

Treatment Pricing

Online: £150.00
At The Practice: £200.00

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45-60 minutes

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